Metsäkädet luontoseikkailut Kainuussa ja Pohjois-Karjalassa

Wilderness and handcrafting excursions in Kainuu and North-Karelia, Finland

How were the feather stick kindlings made? Can macramé really be made in the forest? And what is a paracourd bracelet and how do you make one?

Metsäkädet will answer these and many other questions about wilderness skills and nature handcrafts on guided nature excursions.

Bring a friend and come and learn new skills while enjoying beautiful Finnish nature!

Handcrafting excursions

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make macramé? What if you could combine it with relaxing in the forest?

For my excursions,I have developed and manufactured adjustable, tree-friendly macramé stands, which can be attached to the trees at a suitable height. This makes it possible to do wonderful macramé activities in an ergonomic and nature-friendly way.

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Wilderness excursions

Do you want to learn the secrets of snowshoeing and learn to identify animal snow tracks with your whole family?

Metsäkädet wilderness hikes teach and practice basic hiking skills in stunning landscapes, enjoying nature and with a supportive spirit.

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Hi, I am Hanne and I am a Metsäkädet entrepreneur. I am a wilderness guide and a bachelor of sosial sciences and a passionate craftswoman. Read more about my business and my background below.

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